Chinese Astrology – year of the rooster 2017

Chinese astrology has 12 signs, which follow each year following the lunisolar calendar. The year of the monkey, a dynamic year in which great upheavals are possible, will end on 27 January 2017, leaving room for the sign of the rooster. If you were born after February 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993 or 2005, you are of the sign of 鸡 ji, that is to say the cock. But what does Chinese astrology say of the natives of the sign?

The Rooster is the tenth animal of the Chinese zodiac. He is deemed candid, analytical and methodical. Elegant, radiant, he walks proudly, to the limit of arrogance. The Rooster gets along well with the natives of the sign of the Ox or the Serpent, but not so much with the Hares.

Because of their natural flamboyance, the Cocks are more naturally oriented towards the world of entertainment as for example Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jessica Alba, André Manoukian. On the other hand, their meticulousness, which is seen in their daily management, helps them to excel in jobs such as journalist, writer, surgeon.

Finally, if you are planning a pregnancy this year, know that the heat and the rain do not fit too well with the natives of this sign. Summer and fall are not these favorite seasons. Cocks born in the spring are said to be less irritable. If you have “missed the check mark”, you can always wait until next winter!

Austerity and authority

After a year of troubled Monkey, that of the Rooster announces economic difficulties which may require to tighten the belt. Austerity measures are to be expected … So in 1969, the economic crisis in Poland accelerated during this year of the Rooster, and one of the notorious consequences of this crisis was the fall of Wladyslaw Gomulka. Businesses will also need to pay attention to their budget.

And after the troubles caused by the year of the Fire Monkey, one can also expect a return to order through stronger measures of respect for authority (the state, the family). This can lead to greater expenditure in the budget of the Ministries of the Interior or the Ministry of Defense. Also, law enforcement and military will be at the forefront this year. Decorations, promotions, these professions will be honored.

Success for planners, and happiness in love!

Also caution, if a project is risky, better be on guard this year. Similarly, if you are considering a career change, make the necessary thinking and organizing efforts before you take the plunge. On the other hand, if you have worked patiently and conscientiously on a long-term project, the Year of the Rooster may well bring you a brilliant success.

Despite the tensions and imbalances that dominate, the Year of the Rooster is nonetheless conducive to new love stories, and even to weddings! Indeed, this year, the Fire in its yin form brings inner warmth and clairvoyance, sweetness of intimate and family ties.

You know all that is waiting for you this year: we tighten our belts, we expect more austerity, but we focus on the family unit, and we realize the long-term projects … Be upright, persevering and Transparent, and this year will reward you generously!